To the Cabin

After grocery shopping and dinner, we left Gunnison for the cabin. The only place the had road construction to worry about was just before the turnoff for the road to the cabin where Highway 50 shrank to one lane—with tow temporary traffic lights!

We drove up the road of the Cross-Bar Ranch looking for elk and other animals. We say a few chipmunks. Oh well, we have more chances before we leave. We pulled into Whitepine about 7 o’clock. It was 56 degrees! Quite a difference from earlier that day, to say nothing of the last week in California.

After greeting a couple of people, Brid and Matt unpacked the car with no slowing down by me. I sat out on the new back porch that my brother, Terry, worked on last year and finished in June. It is beautiful, overlooking the forest on the mountain behind us. Inside, over the stove was the most gigantic, multilayered spider web. “A work of Art,” stated Matt. “A gross mess,” replied his mother. So today, the spider web is no more.

Last night, as we lay sleeping it started to rain. We awoke to sunshine, then gray skies. But Bridget and Matt walked up to the bridge: 2558 steps round trip. I cleaned, so I got a little movement done, too. Then it rained again. We are hoping that it is raining where the fires are and helping the firefighters.

Tonight neighbors are having a luau for the whole town. This should be fun. Meanwhile, books are being read by all.

Day 4

4 thoughts on “To the Cabin”

  1. This is such a wonderful thing to do! I love seeing the pictures and reading the journaling of your experiences along the way. I hope you had fun at the luau.

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