South Dakota, Days 1 and 2

Hello friends, it’s been some time since we updated the blog. We have been traveling and enjoying life. After we left Rocky Mt. National Park, we drove through Colorado and Wyoming and into South Dakota. (We stopped in Cheyanne, WY at Poor Richard’s Restaurant for lunch.) Arrived in Mt. Rushmore around 6:30 and had planned to go to the lighting of the monument, but by the time we found a room, unpacked and had dinner, we were pooped and didn’t make it.

Up early Sunday morning, breakfast and then on to Mt. Rushmore. It is beautiful, majestic and huge! The logistics of building it were amazing and we were impressed at the work that went into the building of it.  After we left Mt. Rushmore, we went on to the Crazy Horse monument. This is being built in the same manner as Mt. Rushmore, but is privately funded and is still being built.  It was interesting to see these techniques being used. The museum there was very well done and we hope to go back and see everything some day.

Later in the afternoon we drove through South Dakota to Wall. We stayed overnight in Wall and went to the famous Wall Drugs first thing on Monday morning. We then drove on to Pierre, where Kathy spent the day doing genealogy research and I did the laundry. We planned to stay overnight in Pierre, but the entire town was booked. Turns out that there was a county commissioner conference going on and every county commissioner in South Dakota was in town.  At the last motel, we asked another traveler where the next town with rooms might be. He sent us on to Kennebec where we stayed in an old-fashioned motor hotel that had been reconditioned called King’s Inn.  We had dinner at the local bar, The Prairie Dust Bar, which made a great hamburger, and served the coldest beer around.

To be continued…

Kathy Day 23 and 24


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