Kingston and Lake Ontario

Next morning we slept late and left Toronto after a yummy breakfast at an Eggsmart, which is a Canadian egg restaurant chain.  I had avocado toast (A little taste of home) with poached eggs on top and Kathy had fried eggs. We started on our way to Montreal, but knew that we would not be able to make it in one day, so we decided to mosey our way on Canadian highway 2, which is a more rural route than the Canadian Interstate.  We followed along the shore of Lake Ontario for much of our trip and noticed that the skies behind us were very gray as were the skies ahead of us.  We had very little bad weather, but did have a lot of wind.  The lake was very choppy, it could have passed for the ocean.

The  road reminded us of the English/Irish countryside and little towns along the way confirmed this feeling.  The Canadian countryside in this area is quite beautiful.  We stopped in Kingston, Ontario, just as the rains hit and were able to find a hotel with a handicapped room, Courtyard by Marriott. After we checked in, we found out that there had been horrible weather all along the route we had traveled, and further north from us, in Ottawa, a tornado had touched down. We felt that we had been protected by our guardian angels because we had none of it.  It was raining for the rest of the evening, so it was a soup and sandwich dinner at the Panera across the street.

One of the reasons we stopped in Kingston was that we knew that there was a Weight Watchers meeting at 9:45 on Saturday morning.  As we made our way there, we passed a cute restaurant called Toast and Jam, and decided to go back for breakfast after the meeting.  We had a very good meeting and met some delightful Canadian WW members.  Their meetings are done just like ours, with lots of participation and a good leader.

But, back to Toast and Jam.  This is the cutest local favorite in Kingston, I think.  The ambiance is very nice, staff is great and food yummy.  Kathy had scrambled eggs and toast with homemade raspberry and blueberry jam. The blueberry was intensely flavorful, like fresh picked berries.  I splurged and had French toast with strawberry/rhubarb compote, marscapone and real maple syrup!  After we finished we walked over to the sister bakery, Bread and Butter, and bought ciabatta, pretzel rolls, salami and cheese for lunch/dinner, a sweet roll with lemon and blueberry that we shared later, some Maple syrup to bring home and a shopping bag.

We left Kingston to travel on to Montreal.  We continued on the country roads and found that we were not far from the Canadian side of the Thousand Islands of Lake Ontario, so we made a small side trip to drive through the area.  And yes, thousand island salad dressing is named after these islands as it was invented at a resort on the New York side. It was a gorgeous drive. Then on to Montreal, crazy traffic, lots of road work and an great stay at the Hilton Garden Inn.

Day 35, 36

2 thoughts on “Kingston and Lake Ontario”

  1. Wow, what a spectacular photo and, yes, it does look like the ocean. Thank goodness I remembered where you are. Your meals sound wonderful. Between the strawberry/rhubarb compote and the raspberry and blueberry jams, oh my. Thank goodness for your guardian angels, as I am sure, they are also enjoying the trip. Love you.

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