A Week With Friends

The Kennebec Watershed
The Kennebec Watershed is on the border of Quebec and Maine. Maine is in the foreground and Quebec out near the clouds.

We spent a wonderful week with our dear friends, Jeanne Currier and Delmarie Carver. Kathy worked with Jeanne for many years at Mt Gleason, and got to know Delmarie through Jeanne.  And I got to know them through Kathy. A few years ago, they bought a summer home in Norway, Maine, where Jeanne was raised.  They are now spending  half the year in Maine and half the year in the L.A. area.  Now that I’m retired, we were finally able to see them in Norway.  Maine is an absolutely beautiful! We were there while the leaves were changing, so every day the scenery changed.  On our way to their home, we drove past a retaining wall of bird houses.  These were all made of reclaimed material.  They were fascinating.  We looked up this wall to find out the story behind them.  No one knows who put the first one up and they just keep appearing.  Great folk art.

Jeanne and Delmarie welcomed us with lobster rolls for our first night and we had a week filled with talking, laughter, storytelling, shellfish and BBQ. We saw where Jeanne was raised, St. Joseph’s, the college she attended, and spent some time with some of her friends and family.  Went out for great BBQ at Smokin Dave’s Backyard BBQ and Grill.  As good as any BBQ that we have had.  While we were there, other California friends, Cheri and Lea arrived adding to the laughter and fun.

We did go on a moose hunt, which was unsuccessful for moose, but we saw gorgeous scenery and went to Height of Land on the top of Spruce Mountain in Rangeley, ME. This spot provides one of the most stunning overlooks in New England, with magnificent views of Mooselookmeguntic and Richardson Lakes and the White Mountains.


While we were in Maine, we took a day to go to Portland and see our cousin, Amybeth. We met for lunch at a yummy Thai restaurant and got caught up with each other’s lives. After we left Amybeth, we went to see the oldest lighthouse in Maine, the Portland Headlight in Cape Elizabeth. It was a stormy day and the Atlantic Ocean was wild. So beautiful and different from the Pacific.

One evening Jeanne and Lea made a wonderful lobster boil for us. My first lobster all by itself.  Cheri was kind enough to teach us how to pull it apart and enjoy it! So much fun that we are all going to get together in a couple of months in California to repeat the experience.   Another night we had a dining experience at 76 Pleasant Street. This is a very nice restaurant just a few minutes from Jeanne and Delmarie’s house.  It is in an old Victorian and the couple that runs it have done a beautiful job with the place.  The food was fabulous.  I had carrot, apple and ginger soup for a starter followed by grilled lamb with cannelini beans and harissa. It was perfectly seasoned and I didn’t even need salt or pepper.  Kathy had crab cakes with a seaweed-carrot salad and a remoulade and her main course was scallops with risotto and peas.  We shared a piece of limoncello cake for desert.  Everyone’s dinner was great. We will definitely go back next time we are in Norway.  (This was the only time that scallops were on a menu that I didn’t have them. I ate wonderful scallops at least 3, maybe 4 times in the week that we were in Maine.

Brid Days 42 through 49

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