Driving the Cape

Sunday morning we awoke to a beautiful day, so we went to Mass at St. Francis Xavier in Hyannis, which is the church the Kennedy family has attended for years.  Beautiful old church, but the parish appears to be very conservative.

After Mass, we decided to drive the entire length of the Cape to Provincetown and back. The days was sunny, but windy and we thought it would be a short drive, but it ended up being the rest of the day.   We wanted to drive along the water, but discovered that there are so many rivers, lakes and inlets, that there is not really a road along the ocean.  IMG_3319There are a few places where the main road takes you along the coast, but there are also times that feel like you are in a forest.  Our main stop of the day was at the Cape Cod National Seashore.  This is a National Park that is protecting the shoreline of Cape Cod while continuing to make it accessible to the public.  We stopped at the Salt Pond Visitors Center and saw a film about the way Cape Cod developed during the ice ages and beyond.  There is a very good museum that is dedicated to whaling and the indigenous peoples of the area.  There appeared to be a number of good hikes and/or walks with accessible trails, but it was late afternoon and quite windy, so we didn’t take any of them.  As we were leaving, we found out that the annual Oyster Festival was taking place further up the road.  We made it past the area without getting caught in the traffic, but were not so lucky on the way back to our motel.

After leaving the National Seashore, we continued our drive to Provincetown.  By the time we got there, we were starving. We had planned to stop for lunch, but fear of getting caught in the Oyster Festival Traffic kept us on the road.  As soon as we arrived in P-Town as the locals call it, we opened our trusty google, “Where to eat near me” and discovered a lovely restaurant called Fanizzi’s. 1014181607We sat right on the waters edge as the sun set over the bay and enjoyed fancy martinisIMG_3328 as well as mouth watering appetizers (an artichoke for Kathy and roasted Brussel sprouts for me) and then a leisurely dinner of savory pork loin stuffed with Italian sausage for Kathy and ….guess what I had….yes, it was more scallops, but this time they were baked in a soy ginger sauce and were delectable. (And yes, we forgot to take photos before we started to eat, again.)

We decided not to continue to the pier as it was getting late, but turned around and drove back to our home away from home. On our drive up, we took 28 on the south side of the Cape, and on our way back, we took 6A for part of the trip, and actually did get to drive along the coast, until we caught up with the traffic, then we hopped on 6 and drove through the center of the Cape, to get back before we turned into pumpkins.

Day 58

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